About Us

Tricor is the premier National contractor in the Single Family Rental Market.  Having completed over 10,000 homes in over 12 markets; there is a clear understanding what is required from The Investor’s perspective; with priorities rooted in communication, affordability, efficiency and quality. Tricor is fully staffed in all markets with an on-the-ground management team to provide real time reporting and ensure on time completion.

The design and construction teams at Tricor have decades of field knowledge and expertise and are continuously training on specialized systems and improved methods.  We have committed ourselves to constant improvement in design and project management as well as safety.

We have a clear understanding of the importance of rapid, affordable, high-quality construction.

Our core principals are rooted in integrity and consistently exceeding client expectations.  We have been through a rapid growth phase with other institutional investors and can help anticipate some challenges and provide insight if needed. We have employees on the ground leading the jobs, providing quality control checks and final walks, unlike many general contractors who leave that responsibility solely to the investor.

Our dynamic team’s primary focus is to foster a partner-oriented relationship  with every customer, providing transparency to experiences, processes, and resources that have provided us with the most effective outcomes.  We recognize that solid partnerships enhance the overall quality of our service and improve client satisfaction.