Services Offered


Residential and commercial restoration

Anything can be made new again.  Tricor can restore the beauty and structure of any home or commercial building.  Our design and construction teams will work with you to bring back the charm and nostalgia to your home or building by repairing damages brought on by the elements or any other unexpected damages.  We specialize in all areas of residential and commercial restoration.

Residential and commercial remodeling

If you desire to update your look, we offer residential and commercial remodels. We understand the desire to be unique and share your vision.  We provide complete interior and exterior modernization.  Our design and construction teams will sit down and talk you through what you envision the design to entail and put together a distinctively stunning and functional space. Everything we represent…dependability, quality workmanship, detail, integrity – exceeds anything the remodeling business has ever seen.

Residential tenant turns

Time is money.  Tricor has executed multiple turns in several markets.  Since time is of the essence, we rapidly perform rekeys, touch-ups, carpet cleaning and any other items required to attract and secure the next potential tenant.  It is our goal to keep any inconveniences to an absolute minimum.  With intensive planning and preparation our construction teams have streamlined our process to eliminate excessive downtime time so that your rental is ready for its next tenant in no time.